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Building Peace Across Borders

Under the Pillar 3 – Mobility of the Great Lakes Regional Strategic Framework, a multi-agency and cross-border project between Burundi and Tanzania is currently being implemented by UNDP, IOM and UNHCR. Protracted displacement has led to a range of pressing concerns within the Great Lakes Region, including tensions and challenges in social cohesion in border communities, as well as presenting obstacles to human development and challenges for the host communities. The history of the GLR is one of mass movement of populations: The Great lakes region has a history of traditional free mobility of labour, services and goods; of family separation and reunification; and of protracted as well as surges of refugees and IDPs.

This cross-border project aims to building capacity for managing population movements within and across the borders. This regional approach allows not only response to population movement in a timelier matter, but also adopts preventive measures to the forced displacement. The project teams recently assessed the progress of activities and shared lessons learned. To learn more about the project activities and its impact, watch the video.

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