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Security Council must seize 'golden opportunity' for stability in Great Lakes region

“The Great Lakes region is, more than ever before in recent history, resolutely committed to pursuing stability for itself”, Huang Xia said in his first briefing to the 15 ambassadors since being appointed in January.

Mr. Huang listed recent developments, including strengthened diplomatic engagement following the election of a new President in the Democratic Republic (DRC) last December, the signing of an agreement aimed at easing tensions between Rwanda and Uganda, and regional cooperation to counter armed groups in the eastern DRC.

“There is a golden opportunity here before us to address the deep-rooted causes of the instability”, he said.

“We must seize that golden opportunity and build upon it to strengthen regional cooperation in order to allow the people of this particular part of the world to better tap the riches and wealth of their region.”, formally known as the Peace, Security and Cooperation Framework, has been slow and requires greater political will, it remains a vital tool to bring stability to the region.

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