Sustainable Land and Natural Resources

Pillar I focuses on sustainable land and natural resources focuses on the harmonization of environmental and natural resources management policies, laws and mechanisms across the region in order to avoid degradation of natural resources, loss of biodiversity and inconsistencies and inefficiency in trans boundary natural resources management.

The interventions will focus across the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and Rwanda but could include Uganda and Burundi, to promote joint management of common resources and/or dispute resolution for cross-border conflicts, and to reduce illegal cross-border trade and smuggling of minerals, timber, charcoal and wildlife. Most of the interventions will be done at regional level (or at national level with regional implication), in order to strengthen regional cooperation, by deepening economic integration, with special consideration to achieve the sustainable utilisation of natural resources, to harmonise export tariffs and promote legitimate mineral trades, thereby reducing incentives for smuggling minerals, and to support the return and reintegration of refugees in their respective countries of origin.

Concept Note : Pillar 1