Youth and Adolescents

This Pillar conceptualizes three different layers of “regional” intervention regarding youth and adolescents.

  1. Activities to be undertaken by UN Country Teams (UNCTs) within their UN Development Assistance Frameworks (UNDAFs) that have mutual information-exchange, and implications beyond their borders.
  2. Issues that are cross border, involve the interaction of two or more collaborating country teams.
  3. Initiatives that are sub-regional that will require regional organisation and resource mobilization justified on a case by case basis where it adds value. The investment in this pillar will primarily be undertaken at the first level (country level actions which have regional implications), with the added value of the Regional Approach being that Regional Offices:
    • Have the mandate to provide technical support to UNCTs and country offices;
    • Are able to mobilize multi-country programme funds—especially to support countries that are not otherwise able to mobilize resources;
    • Can strengthen the capacity of UNCTs to plan and implement joint programming/joint programmes
    • Are able to document best practices, organize south to south collaboration and learning exchanges within and between countries;
    • Can monitor progress at regional level and generate cross-country comparisons which can be used to create competition between countries to excel.
Concept Note : Pillar 4